Wednesday, 30 March 2016


It was a show of astute celebration at the Golden Tulip Hotels Lagos when the entire Alumni Congress unanimously applauded and hailed the Rector, Prof.Godwin Onu for his constructive performance of enacting so many new structures and renovating all old structures in the Polytechnic. This came as an aftermath of the Video display of all his completed and on-going projects which were shown with an overhead projector by the Public Relations Officer of the Institution, Mr.Obini Onuchukwu. Many, if not all the Alumni were not able to identify the Departments which they graduated from, because of the unparalleled edification put in place by Prof.Godwin Onu. To the bewilderment of all, the former Rector, Prof.Uba Nwuba who also was in attendance lauded the Rector, Prof.Godwin Onu for achieving the great fit he achieved so far. It was so uncommon to see a former leader or head of any parastatal, hailing the present leader the way Prof.Uba Nwuba did. He said “I took out few hours of my leisure to work around the school environment and was baffled with what I saw. I was there on the same seat and I am in the best position to know who is a performer by birth and talent. The Rector has done so wonderfully well. In fact, I believe he was gifted for such Jobs because it was not easy for people like us. In my own time, I had so many challenges especially while fighting cultism, but when Prof.Onu came, it was very easy for him to quench cultism. We all heard the stories over the media. It was also not easy to construct structures as he is doing because I did not get financial supports I sought. All I say in summary is that Prof.Godwin Onu will go higher in Nigerian terrain as far as performance is concerned. One thing is seeking for financial help and another thing is having the spirit of constructive development to inject new edifices and structures into the environment under your care when the help comes. In fact, the present Rector has the spirit to work. If 'Rectorship' was to be 3 tenures, Prof.Onu deserves a third term, but it is not, but the future is brighter for him.What he has put on ground will open more doors for him and God will continue to guide him at present and in his future endeavors.” Afterwards, the Digital Rector of the moment, Prof.Godwin Onu thanked the Alumni Congress and the Former Rector, promising to do more before he vacates the seat.

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