Monday, 4 April 2016

Notification of Matriculation

To: Heads of All Academic Departments                       
I write to notify you that 22nd day of April 2016 has been approved as date for the 2015/2016 academic session matriculation ceremony.
You are requested to collect your departmental allocation of academic gowns from the Stores Unit on Friday 15th April, 2016 and commence distribution to your matriculating students on Monday 18th April, 2016.
The Matriculating students should obtain a draft payable to Federal Polytechnic, Oko and with the draft obtain receipt from Bursary Unit. The receipt will be used to collect the gowns from the Departments by the Matriculating students.
 Departments are also requested to collect the original copies of payment receipts for gowns from matriculating students at the point of distribution. The students are further notified that they must return the gowns within one week (precisely on or before the 29th April, 2016) after the Matriculation ceremony and collect back their original receipts. Defaulting students shall be surcharged N1000 thereafter and they will be made to return the gowns to the stores Officer.
Goodwill messages are solicited from individuals, groups, associations, Departments and Units of the Polytechnic in solidarity with the giant strides of the Management. The goodwill and advert rates are as follows:
Full page: N20,000
Half page: N10,000
Such messages and advertorials should be sent to the Chairman/Secretary before Friday April 15, 2016.
Your cooperation is solicited please.

Amobi P. Chiamogu                                                        
Secretary, Fed. Poly. Oko Ceremonial Committee

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