Monday, 25 April 2016

Polytechnic Student Forced To Drink His Urine By "Man O War" Officers:

According to our Source at Federal Poly, Ede Osun State, A Student was forced to drink his own Urine by the “Man O War” officers. Our Source inboxed us thus; "In this our great citadel of learning, Federal Polytechnic Ede, wonders shall never seize to exists & just when you think its over, that’s when you realise it is just the beginning.
Of the greatest Nigerian comrades, its indeed nothing but a slap in the of all the comrades in this citadel if we fail to take a very strong action on this issue, yet no one is believing it & is indeed real.
I got to the medical centre just to confirm the authenticity of this unbelievable but a reality report that a student of banking & finance was forced to be given urine to drink by the ‘Man O War‘.
The information i gathered confirmed that this great Nigerian student came late for test alongside his other friends in which an instruction had been given before they came in that they should sit three on a chair, however, the poor boy didn’t know about this, as he rushed in with his colleagues, they just went to sit somewhere, as the lecturer saw them, he got angry and called man’o war to come & arrest them.
On getting there of the so called man o’ war, they took those three guys to their base where they were told to start rolling from one angle to another. The victim insisted that he’s not really feeling good and that he doesnt have the enough strength to handle such punishment but he was forced to serve the punishment and eventually took permission to go and ease himself. He was given a bottle and he went to one side of their base and eased himself.
Meanwhile, he didnt know he has committed another serious crime for doing that around their base, he thought it was a joke when he was told to start drinking his urine, when he refused, they started torturing him and when he couldnt bear it any longer, he accepted to drink his urine in which he actually did. When he was feeling uncomfortable, he was rushed to the medical centre and was attended to at the emergency bed. I personally went to meet this guy in one of the wards, i met him sleeping and sweating profusely & I asked God why.The school authority should act in this. We must not keep quiet on this, we will not take it lightly, We must act. Power they say, concedes nothing without a demand, it never did and never will.
 God bless us all."

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