Thursday, 7 April 2016

University Of Ibadan Expels Postgraduate Student

The central Students Disciplinary Committee of the University of Ibadan had at her last sitting, expelled one Mr. Ajulo Kayode Richard, a post graduate student with matric number 188261, of the department of physics.
This was gathered from a document got from a source close to the Students Disciplinary Committee who craved anonymity due to his unapproved right to speak on the matter.
According to the document, Mr Ajulo was sanctioned for his act of examination malpractice during Physics784 examination as he brought into the examination hall, a scientific calculator on which relevant materials for the examination were inscribed.
"Alleged to have been found using a Casio FX991ES calculator on which he inscribed inside-out lots of materials possibly copied from the lecture notes during PHY782 examination", it says.
While discussing about the defence made by the victim, the document has it that Mr. Richard claimed liable to the allegation as he admitted that he was involved in examination misconduct.
It says, he "pleaded liable to the allegation leveled against him. He confessed that he was truly caught during the examination using the calculator containing lots of materials relating to the course for which he was being examined."

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