Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Dr. Mohamed Sani Idiagbon Resigns - Sexual Harassment Suspect

After the Viral Circulation of the Audio clip of the University of Ilorin lecturer,Dr Mohamed Sani Idiagbon, sexually harassing one of his students, he has resigned from the Institution. Allegedly caught in the act, which leaked on social media last week, was Dr. Mohamed Sani Idiagbon, the Head of the Department of English forcing his victim into sexual immoralities. His victim, identified only as “Faith” by the Students’ Union President, is said to be a 200 level student of the department who recorded all the happenings with a recording tool. In an 8-minute audio uploaded on Youtube, the lecturer was heard bargaining sex with the victim who sounded pretty much like a young lady. According to a very close friend of the victim (who is a 200-level student) in the audio clip who claimed anonymity, the
girl missed his class test. The lecturer however used the opportunity to invite her to his office for sex as the only alternative to pass the course.The report attached to the YouTube clip shows that the school management, up till May 30, 2016, failed to see to the matter and therefore left the student in great threat and despair. You can click here to listen to the audio clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjGCuYmUmW8

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