Monday, 13 June 2016


For the first time, the Rector, Prof.Godwin Onu has officially met with the newly inaugurated Organs of Students’ Union Government of Federal Polytechnic Oko after their swear-in ceremony. Coordinated by the outgone S.U.G President, Miss Beatrice Erewa and led by Nwanya JohnBosco (S.U.G President inaugurated), the new Students’ Union Leaders appeared pleasantly smart. In fact, it was a show of anti-solipsism as the Rector warmly opened his fatherly arms for all and congratulated them in his usual friendly smile. He thanked them for their comportment, conduct and harmonization before, during and after the electioneering process which was adjudged the best in the history of Federal Polytechnics in Nigeria.
As an IT-Driven master, the Rector implored them to inculcate the idea of Social Media Campaign (SMC), which was a major campaign strategy he introduced to the contestants during their campaign period, to younger students who will next be gunning for one S.U.G position or another.  Sighting that the campus was neat and non-defaced, he promised to remain students friendly but charged them with conviction to join his course of making the Polytechnic the best not only in Nigeria but in international community.
On the fight against Campus corruption, the Digital Rector enjoined the three Organs of the Union to expose any sort of Mal-exercise going on in the Campus. He charged them vehemently to report any case of extortion, harassment and intimidation from Lecturers. He however warned them to be truthful in their reports as to avoid punishing an Innocent Lecturer.  
On Cultism, the Rector said that the war has been won by his Administration. He mandated the members of the S.U.G to help him unveil the few miscreants who still clandestinely participate in Cult activities.  The Rector harped that on no account should Students fight on Campus no matter the enormity of the cause. He said that any person caught with evidence automatically becomes a graduate without Certificate.
In response, the S.U.G President, Nwanya JohnBosco applauded the Rector for finding it worthy to invite the Union leaders for a good treat and recognition. He said he never knew that the Rector was as friendly as he had just showcased. He promised on behalf of his members to assist the Rector with anything that would move the Campus forward. Moreover, the S.U.G president said that most of them who did OND programs in the school can attest to the high level of perfect Change and monumental restructuring which is on-going in the Campus; and as such, it would be self-detrimental not to support in full, such achiever. In his words “Even the blind can tip-toe on our tarred environment and confirm your handwork. Even the deaf would feel the ambience of the beauty of our Campus at present. So you have done noble and we shall all support you to completion”.
In conclusion, the Vice President, Akaeme Chidimma promising to use her feminine strength to support the Management and encourage other students to be of good behaviour, gave a touchy Vote of thanks which connoted the unparalleled prowess of the Rector.

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