Friday, 1 July 2016

Onu and the Fertility of diplomatic governance:

There is no doubt that Prof.Godwin Onu has not only redefined standard of rector-ship in this great citadel of learning via dialogue and diplomacy, but rewritten rectory template of Polytechnics, used previously by his predecessors.
Federal Polytechnic Oko had some Rectors who called the shots and determined who-gets-what without consultations with critical stakeholders and opinion moulders. They never bothered with or alluded to the overriding interests of both the staff and students, provided they were in absolute control of the Institutional apparatus. Some propagated and enforced political ideology of absoluteness of power—which was averse to fundamentals of 21st century democracy. But the emergence of Prof.Godwin Onu as Rector Federal Polytechnic Oko in 2010 changed the narrative of governance in the history of Polytechnics in Nigeria by discarding anti-democratic notion of a Rector knowing-it-all and arrogating all the powers indiscriminately to himself. As a humble, kind, lovely, meek-hearted and open-minded man, he descends from his mountainous height as Chief Executive Officer of the Polytechnic through pedestrian rabble to get connected to as much grass-rooters and all sincere staff who are interested in the development of the polytechnic via his diplomatic prowess and strategic tactics of all-inclusive leadership.
Constructive diplomacy means engaging with one’s counterparts, on the basis of equal footing and mutual respect, to address shared concerns and achieve shared objectives. In this great citadel of learning, Prof. Godwin Onu applies “Strategic diplomacy” which has been adjudged, tested and trusted as the best approach to finding lasting remedies to burning issues in any Institution. Great and age-long results have been made possible through constructive engagement and dialogue with relevant stakeholders than by the use of dictatorial methodology. Application of Western-style of educational practices in administering the Polytechnic has helped in creating ICT driven, comparative peaceful and conducive environment for strategic academic and structural developments. Without mincing words, Prof.Godwin Onu has won so many inimical battles in the Polytechnic without firing a single shot in retaliation. He believes so much in his engagement policy with proven democratic norm that ‘jaw-jaw is better than war-war’; a statement he so much believes in and uses on daily basis. He has been able to accommodate at least to a reasonable extent, intriguing aspirations of all entrenched interests of diverse political power blocks in the Polytechnic, through his diplomatic tendencies-cum- inexhaustible management-staff engagement windows. In the spirit of objectivity, I will like to state without fear of contradiction, that one of the qualities going for Prof.Godwin Onu, is his democratic-cum-diplomatic abilities to consult and rob minds with even his critics, not with ill-intention of wooing them over but to fashion out other elaborate ways of ensuring speedy development of the Institution. What baffles me is the unperturbed manner at which he welcomes harsh criticisms. He sees opposing views as part of the nitty-gritty of real people-oriented leadership. He is a great listener. The only Rector who almost knows all in the ICT domain and its recent innovations, Prof.Godwin Onu reads and listens to complaints both online and offline; and with all humility, responds to constructive criticisms on Social Media platforms just to make sure that the parties involved is well guided.
When it comes to Students’ welfare, Prof.Godwin Onu is the best in administering welfare to all his students who he sees as his own sons and daughters. His records of Rector-Students relationship are unparalleled. He speedily responds to any issue bothering on students’ well-being. He doesn’t relax when issues bothering on harassment, abuse, molestation and maltreatment of students are on his table. He attends to such and administers justice without minding whose ox is gored.
A man who hates insalubrious environment, he is always tasty to change things from bad to good and suffers from hypermetropia when it comes to scientific Innovations.
Prof.Godwin Onu makes sure that all that need to be functional is working perfectly at all times. He is not in good terms with eulogies, but it is said that when a strong man is thanked for his actions, he gets encouragements to do more.
However, a tree doesn’t make a forest. So, the staff are hereby challenged to work in synchrony with the great achiever as to have more productive result at the long run as orchestrated by the Rector.

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