Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Success comes easy to those who take pride and derive joy from putting in their best through hard work and dedication in their various endeavors and callings; this has been testimony of the profile of delectable pacesetter, Mrs Njaka Stella, Registrar of Federal Polytechnic Oko, the newest FELLOW of the Institute of Corporate Administration.
Mrs Njaka Stella added another feather to her cap as she was recently acknowledged and honored by the Institute of Corporate Administration in appreciation of her distinguished Professional Contributions to Public Service.
The FELLOW which was conferred on her on Friday 16th September, 2016 no doubt, will further boost her intimidating resume as she now adds FCIA to her lists of awards.
One thing that goes well for Mrs Njaka is her maintenance of flexibility and her sense of humor. Things constantly change in the workplace, and the goals of upper management change often, as well. Mrs Njaka knows how to roll with the punches and prioritizes issues that need to be addressed while remaining objective. She maintains a sense of humor which is integral to remaining flexible in the workplace, and she sets a good example to others by always taking a positive lead. When unforeseen circumstances occur, Mrs Njaka keeps a sense of humor and helps everyone from employees to upper management in tackling the issues in a productive manner.
The resourceful woman of essence has been in the news recently for her supportive role to the supersonic cum digital Rector Of Federal Polytechnic Oko, Professor Godwin Onu which explains a more useful approach applied by the digital Rector in the selection and development of administrators. This approach is based not on what good executives are (their innate traits and characteristics), but rather on what they do (the kinds of skills which they exhibit in carrying out their jobs effectively).
The Institute of Corporate Administration is a human capital development organization dedicated to providing practical solutions to complex business needs by involving high caliber professionals from all sectors, who are continually committed to the search for improvement strategies and implementation of global best practices.
The Governing Council of Institute of Administration of Nigeria normally takes pride in certifying people like Mrs Njaka Stella, who has performed exceptionally “guruos” in their chosen profession, after undergoing rigorous requirements as stipulated and endorsed by the institutes governing board.
You surely merited this Madam!
Congratulations to you.

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