Wednesday, 12 October 2016


The Rector of Federal Polytechnic Oko, Prof.Godwin Onu has approved the installation of Rapid Response Squad in the school to add to his numerous security architectures. The students supported safety program instituted to provide a safer way for students to move around the campus was orchestrated by the Head of Anti-Cult unit, Mr.Abdulahi Khaki whose landslide in the war against cultism has gone abysmal. It is a maxim, therefore cant be overemphasized to say that Federal Polytechnic Oko has enjoyed a grave-yard quietness of cult activities since Prof Godwin Onu became the Rector of the Institution. According to Mr.Khaki who begged the Rector to officially approve the Uniform and Kits of the RRS, the squad was setup to respond speedily to emergencies within the School environment at all times. The Rector breathe into the Squad and charged them with the onerous task of protecting the students’ lives and properties by flushing out all anomalies seen or envisaged around and within the nooks and corners of the Polytechnic without minding whose ox is gored.
His words “Let me start with the word “APPROVED”. What you have showcased here is in line with the security project of the Management and I applaud you (Anticult Director) for making it look this wonderful. The ulterior motive of this formation is on the security of my wonderful students and their properties. I remain resolute to my promise when I assumed office as the Rector that no student would be returned dead to the parents. Keep vigil 24 hours and don’t relent. Management will continue to encourage you to work harder until we get to our destination.”
The dreaded and fierce looking Rapid Response Squad members who organized a parade typical of that of soldiers were kitted in gallantry and combat-ready apparels with devices in the likes of Telescopes which show images from a far distance, Highly configured Security Cameras, Camel bags for water sustenance in the desert, Safety vests, Kneel and elbow guards to prevent joint cracks, ultramodern ear piece connected with Walkie-Talkie for easy communication, Shocker which is used to numb a suspect for few minutes, Tear gas and wrist anchor for arrest of culprits. The Rector supervised the men on guard of the Rapid Response Squad during the parade which was organized in a Military ambience. Long Live Federal Polytechnic Oko!

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  1. The rector we are proud of you.Thanks for making our security your concern.