Monday, 28 November 2016

SUG:New leader emerges in Fed Poly Oko

It was a show of oneness as the students who contested for different positions in the Student Union Government embraced themselves. Both the aspirants that lost and those that won were seen exchanging pleasantries; an act orchestrated by the Oath-of-Peace exercise, administered by the DSA, Rev.Dr. Osondu Chukwudi, who is know for his Laurette in Students Management. The New SUG president elect, Comr.Nwachukwu Evangelist in his speech, thanked the Rector and his Management team for giving all aspirants a level playing ground to contest. He equally thanked the students for electing him by queuing behind him openly without prejudice. His exact words"I thank the Rector who has given us a level playing ground. I never believed it when the Deputy Rector Administration, Sir Ejike Nwabuona said the Management led by Prof.Godwin Onu had no interest in the election and will never have such interest. I was afraid earlier because i had nobody, but now, i have confirmed that the Rector is a man of his words. This shows that he is a kindhearted and loving father.  As for my students, i love you. I thank you and I will make you proud". He further reiterated to keep to his campaign promises which included; Immediate call for congress, declaration of the Union's financial stand three weeks after he resumes officially, Open budgetary, Accountability and the completion of the Union's secretariat which has been abandoned for years by past Union leaders.
While applauding the Students for their peaceful behavior and conduct, the Digital Rector said that another electoral civilization and landmark has been created for all Nigerian Institutions. After dancing to a rendition of "Godwin", a musical piece from Korede Bello, to the bewilderment of the Students who joined in the dance and echoed allowed "We love you! We love you! We love you!", the Rector enjoined those who lost to accept their fate with integrity as it was the beginning of a new era in their experiences.

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