Friday, 17 February 2017


August 5th,2016 marked exactly one year Mrs. Njaka, Stella Nnenna assumed office as the first “Female” and the sixth substantive Registrar of Federal Polytechnic Oko. Her appointment to this exalted position was quite unprecedented given the fact that she is the first Female ever to have emerged as Registrar since 31 years existence of the Polytechnic, orchestrated by Prof.Godwin Onu who is an advocate of gender equality.
Lady Njaka’s prowess in administration within one year in office has made real the popular maxim that “What a man can do, a woman can do better”. She embarked on the work of a Registrar with motherly affection and liberated many who were in hooks. She assumed office when the Institution needed her kind of person in the supportive role of fighting corruption and mal-practices. It is a thing of joy to note that these vices have given way for Njaka’s policies of sanity to prevail.
It is worthy to note at this juncture that Lady Njaka met a backlog of untreated Staff appraisals; but within few months on assumption to duty, she ensured that the 2014 promotions which was deprived the staff was released. No! She did not stop at this. Within a spate of few months, she ensured that the 2015 promotions were equally released to the bewilderment of all; and as am penning down these words of accolades, the 2016  promotions are in the pipeline to be released through her relentless efforts.   
It is however remarkable to note that the issue of Staff promotions do not come on platter of gold. It rather entails several trips to Abuja for extensive deliberations to make sure the right things are done before its reality. Due to her zeal to ensure that Staff welfare is not toyed with, she deprives herself the comfort and warmth of her family and frequents Ministries and Commissions to get things aright. What a classic example of an astute administrator!
Lady Stella Njaka has exhibited a rare feat and doggedness as a mother of all and an Administrator. Her performance and dexterity in proffering explanations to issues have endeared her to Staff, Students and visitors of the Institution.
It is not an exaggeration to say that Lady Njaka has re-invigorated both the Registry unit and other sectors of the Polytechnic within one year in office. She among other things ensured that students’ results are released as at when due. The age long tradition of handling Students’ matters with levity has disappeared in the Institution as she has entrenched the culture of hard work, punctuality and integrity among the Staff of the Institution.
Toeing the path of Rector’s digitization policies, she realized the importance and use of ICT to fast-track office administration. To actualize this vision, she organized an ICT Training/Workshop for some Staff in the school early this year and the exercise was wholly remarkable. She ensured that those Staff who benefitted from the training in turn extended the knowledge to colleagues in the office, thereby making ICT part of their daily activities.  What ingenuity!
However, it is worthy to mention that the Registrar would not have achieved all these feats within one year in office without the support of the indefatigable Rector, Professor Godwin Onu. A man who is endowed with great vision and outstanding leadership qualities. On assumption of Office, Lady Njaka keyed in to his lofty policies of transforming the Polytechnic to an international standard and today, the institution is rated among the best in the nation.
Having noted the above, it is undoubtedly envisaged that the remaining years of her stay in office will bring more remarkable achievements in the administrative machinery of Federal Polytechnic Oko. She is not relenting; neither is she manifesting any sigh of apathy in her role as the Registrar.
To God be the Glory that you were chosen for this task before men! KUDOS!

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