Friday, 17 February 2017


Those days are yore when women were confided to the comfort of their kitchen rooms. At present, men click in synchrony with women almost in all ramifications. It can’t be overemphasized that we have nobiliary women of elements, compounds and mixtures in all fields of study just like their male counterpart.
The Registrar of Federal Polytechnic Oko, Mrs. Njaka S.N is one of those hortatory women out there who have done noble in their career.
Mrs. Njaka has fashioned a new means of sanitizing the Polytechnic of official maggots who not only push for managerial downfall but foster decaying frameworks in their offices.    
She revealed her sanitization techniques when she met with the HODs and SAOs on the 19th of September 2016 at the Mass Communication Complex of the Institution.
While advocating for total repentance of the Staff involved in the bastardized act of extortion, harassment of students, delay in handling students’ affairs, issues of missing files, punctuality to work and thorough supervision of subordinates; the Registrar warned that her Information Technology optical gadgets are in cloud to fish-out anybody who does not brace up positively to his or her responsibilities in the office. Her words “I want to reiterate that on no condition should any HOD, SAO or Staff under them, mandate students to pay money or any form of gratification before being attended to. Be contented with your salaries and eschew anything that could jeopardize your career”
On the laxity nature of handling students’ affairs, result computation, NYSC mobilization, the Registrar said that students have been wickedly delayed by Staff in attending to their demands and solving their problems. She reiterated that the Management led by Prof.Godwin Onu would not hesitate to extend the punishment of any erring Staff to his or her HOD if such report filters into her office again. She insisted that without the Students, Government would have little or no need for the Staff to be in the Institution, and as such, the students should be treated with cordiality just like the Rector advised during the last Matriculation ceremony.
She said that the present administration does not and would never condone any form of corruption among Staff. She pointed out that the issue of corruption was initially prevalent among Teaching Staff, but that it has also gone over to Non-Teaching Staff as few of them demand for money in order to render services.
While showering encomiums on the indefatigable Rector for his endowed vision and outstanding leadership qualities; and hailing the HODs/SAOs for their supportive gestures so far, she encouraged all in attendance to put all hands on deck to salvage the great citadel of learning from being wrecked by few disgruntled elements that target at dragging the Institution into quagmire.

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